$500 / month
Includes: Hosting & Updates
$___ ___ __ _
Setup & Desgin
Custom graphic Design
iPhone & Android
Customer Contact System
Fanzooma Acct
$25 / Month

(Per Location)
Setup Investment
Number of Locations
Broadcast Managment
Facebook Accelerator
Flexible-Rate Monthly Pricing Guide
Total Number
of Messages
10,001 +
Flat-Rate Monthly Pricing Guide
Total Number
of Fans/100
10,001 +
Graphic Designs
& custom Print
  • Business Cards
  • Flyers
  • Rack Cards
  • Door Hangers
Web Development
& Social Media
  • Page Setup
  • Campaign Management
  • Website Development

An initial invoice for the package and account setup will be emailed to the email address and contact provided. Once payment is received, services will commence. A credit/debit card on file for recurring billing is preferred by fanplicity, but we will accommodate monthlyinvoicing and manual check processing upon request. All graphic design, unless agreed upon in advance, belongs to “Customer”. Any and all ancillary services or items purchased for which fanplicity has been compensated for (i.e., phone number(s), URL(s), etc…) belong to“Customer”. Signing this “Order Form” is agreement that you are in receipt of the fanplicity “contract”. *Flat-rate Monthly pricing is limited to 5 broadcasts (email and/or SMS or both) per month.


fanplicity is doing our part to be an environmentally friendly company by processing payments electronically via a credit/debit card on the 1st of every month. Agreements initiated after the first of every month will be prorated unless the initial payment is considered asetup fee. Setup fees, unless otherwise agreed upon by an authorized fanplicity, LLC representative, will not be prorated regardless of the day of any given month.


This agreement can be terminated with a written (email is accepted to 30-day notice from either party, or if payment to fanplicity is thirty days or greater past due. Services of fanplicity will cease upon receipt of the notice; however, “Customer” isobligated to make any final payment(s) within the stated 30-day limit for any and all services outside of fanplicity including, but not limited to, Facebook post boost advertisements, URL(s) or phone numbers associated with or established for the use of fan engagement.

Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

While this Mutual NDA is not intended to provide an exhaustive detail of content regarding what is to be held confidential, it is mutually agreed that any and all services generally considered proprietary on behalf of either party will be kept in the strictest of confidence. It isexpected that trade secrets and confidential information will be shared between parties and confidentiality shall be respected and expected at all times.

fanplicity, LLC Authorized Signature and Date
Authorized Customer’s Signature and Date