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Marketing is often seen as a necessary evil, but we believe that the most profitable marketing we can do is right under our noses – our current customers! The 80/20 rule suggests that 80% of our revenue comes from 20% of our customer base. We ask the question, if this rule is true, how much more profitable could a business owner be if they just marketed to their 20? The answer – remarkably profitable! At fanplicity, we have a passion for developing strategic solutions to do just that, and we want to help as many business owners as we can optimize their revenue potential.



Rich DeForest,

Founder and President

We saw a need to help businesses know how to unleash the power of "modern media". Having spent more than 20 years in sales and marketing, Rich has created a systematic approach leveraging the individuality of social, digital, and mobile marketing and combining them into...

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Suzanne Brewer,

Accounting Department Manager

Suzanne comes to the team with years of accounting and bookkeeping experience, and is an expert at Quickbooks!  She will be the one you hear from on the 15th of every month (or more often if you're late - LOL!).  Truthfully, she is one of...

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Brooke Rayburn,

Copywriter & Editor

PV Gohil,

Web Developer

Vivek Gupta,

Web Developer

We started looking for a second developer to take on additional work when we got HelpMommy.com, it took us a while to find Vivek, but we found a good one! Like Varsha, Vivek is also resides in Indore, India. Vivek is extremely proficient in PHP,...

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Varsha Gupta,

Graphic Designer

Like Sweety, when fanplicity needed to search for a new graphic designer, it took us a while, but we couldn’t be happier to work with Varsha.  Varsha resides in Indore, India, but the miles between us have never stopped her from producing incredible graphics for our customers.  You’ll...

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John Lawrence,

Operations Manager

We’re honored to have John as a part of our Fan Team… John comes to fanplicity as a retired Air Force Vet where he mastered the art of contract negotiations. John not only works to acquire new customers, but John also manages our print department -...

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